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Living Well

We have a wide array of menus available for your special event. We are continually creating new offerings. Here is a sampling from the variety of dishes we can prepare. Click on the menu icon or menu name for a PDF document describing the fare.

French Country menu French Country
Provence menu Provence
Asian menu Asian
  Greek menu Greek
  Mediterranean menu Mediterranean
Vegetarian Stir-Fry
Hawaiian menu Hawaiian
Fiesta menu Fiesta
Seafood menu Seafood
  California menu California
  Brunch menu Brunch
Middle Eastern Middle Eastern
Italian Italian
Spanish Spanish
  Caribbean Caribbean
Thanksgiving Menu
Provence menu Vegetarian
Provence menu Snacks & Party Food
Holiday menu Thanksgiving / Holiday
  Children's Party menu Children's Parties
  Dessert menu Desserts
Seated Event Seated Event
Cocktail Reception Cocktail Reception 
Spanish Bistro Box
  Corporate Express Corporate Express