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Frittatas are essentially open-faced omelets of Spanish-Italian heritage. They may be cooked in small pans as individual portions or in large pans, then cut into wedges for service. A relatively large amount of hearty ingredients are mixed directly into the … Continue reading

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January Newsletter – At Your Service Catering

Enjoy our January 2012 Newsletter

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Onions are strongly flavored, aromatic members of the lily family. Most have edible grasslike or tubular leaves. Almost every culture  incorporates them into its cuisine as a vegetable and for flavoring. Common or bulb onions (Fr. Oignons) may be white, … Continue reading

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Spice Series: Cumin

This is the first of a series of 5 in the Spice Series by Chef Jean-Philippe.  We hope you  enjoy it.  Read on for a bit of culinary trivia. Personally, I was not the biggest fan of cumin based on … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Roquefort

The French have such a beautiful relationship with cheese.  America has certainly grown to love cheese as well!  While there are literally hundreds of cheeses, many of which are native to France, Roquefort is one prized cheese of France.  Many … Continue reading

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