We all know that food is imperative to our survival, but how we eat and what we eat are simply bonus questions. Humans are the only species to put so much time and effort into eating, it’s like it has become a sport.  We associate food with memories, holidays, special events, celebrations, coping with stress, etc. Through all of this there are those of us who have taken that relationship to a whole other level, we have made it our whole lives including our work.

In order to work in the food industry, you have to have a certain respect for food. Here at AYS chef, food is the most important part of our team.  Chef Jean-Philippe will stress over and over the importance of quality, fresh ingredients… and he’s right. Think about it, when was the last time you knew exactly what was in your food and where it came from? It is a refreshing feeling to sit down with a meal where all the ingredients were purchased at a local farmers market from a farmer within miles of your home. The treasure is in the peace of mind to eat without worry of preservatives, additives, and faux flavors. To eat a steak and truly taste the flavors of the meat. To enjoy vegetables that actually taste like vegetables, not like the butter they are covered in. So much of today’s food is meant to hide the true flavors of the ingredients behind butter, salt, and sauces. I invite you to take a trip back in time where the ingredients held the respect they deserved. Where a seafood dish tasted like the fish, where a pasta dish is cooked al dente and the starch is left in, where a salad holds all the flavors of the season.

This is what I believe quality food is. When we provide you with a meal, it comes with peace of mind. You will see us walk through the door with a basket of fresh ingredients purchased from a local farmer at the market. We handle all of our food with the respect it deserves, and at the end of the day… you will taste the difference.