We thought it would be nice to provide our readers with some insight into some of the inspirations behind AYS. Here we are featuring an amazing cookbook written by Joel Robuchon.  Since THE COMPLETE ROBUCHON was originally written in French, Robin H. R. Bellinger wonderfully translated it into English in 2007.

This book is organized to provide you with some great beginning knowledge and then works its way into over 800 recipes. It begins with a few tips on creating a balanced meal, using just enough ingredients from different parts of the food pyramid and planned out to become an experience. This book really follows the concept of every meal creating a memory.

It also provides you with a brief but concise section about wine – how to properly serve and pair wines with your creations. Along with this wine knowledge, it breaks down the necessary details of different cooking methods from grilling to deep frying.  Of course, it also provides you with information on all the utensils you will need in your kitchen to carry out the following recipes and a glossary for any terms you may not know.

Diving into the actual recipes, this cookbook organizes its recipes the way you would arrange a four course meal. It begins with the basics like sauces and then leads you into your first course items such as Salads, Soups and Starters. A section on Eggs is the only thing separating you from the amazing recipes it holds for your main course broken down by proteins.  This is followed by your side dishes and a wonderful little chapter on some traditional French recipes that everyone should try. Last but not least comes a well-developed Desserts chapter.

This book is a great reference for anyone interested in exploring food. The recipes are detailed with concise and easy to follow instructions that make French cooking seem much more attainable. One of the best things about this book is that it can be found on Amazon.com for just around $25!